Reltio Debuts AI-Powered, Business Critical Updates for its Data Unification and Multidomain MDM Platform

Reltio, a leader in data unification and management solutions, is debuting the latest iteration of the Reltio Connected Data Platform, the scalable data unification and multidomain master data management (MDM) platform that connects to any source. With this update, Reltio delivers new capabilities for Reltio Customer 360 Data Product, Reltio Multidomain MDM, and Reltio Entity Resolution which reflect both market conditions and customer demands.

As a SaaS platform, continuous innovation is a core aspect of Reltio’s product delivery strategy, and these latest capabilities affirm the company’s approach. Reltio’s product enhancements feature AI innovations and business-specific enhancements centered on “making that information [foundational data] accessible in real time so that customer experiences can be improved, optimized, as well as operational processes…while managing risk and compliance in a simpler, easier manner,” explained Venki Subramanian, SVP of product management at Reltio.

“Trusted data is the cornerstone of successful business transformation and AI, which is why we are excited to deliver market-leading products that revolutionize data unification and management,” added Manish Sood, CEO and founder of Reltio. “This newest version of our platform is rich in features and benefits to help boost performance, speed, and ease of use. It also provides even more value through our greater use of GenAI, so our customers can more quickly extract valuable insights and gain a competitive edge through analytics, machine learning, and data science.”

First among the updates is new audience segmentation and activation capabilities for the Reltio Customer 360 Data Product, enabling users to create, manage, and activate dynamic customer data segments—such as, for example, “all customers in the state of New York who have at least two insurance policies with our insurance company.”

Reltio is also introducing the Reltio Intelligent Assistant (RIA)—a GenAI-powered conversational assistant—for its Customer 360 Data Product. This enables enhanced, generative AI (GenAI)-driven skills for data exploration, allowing users to query the data in a conversational experience without having extensive knowledge on how the system itself is structured.

Reltio’s platform update is offering two new velocity packs for the Reltio Multidomain MDM that help customers accelerate their master data management journeys, according to the company. These velocity packs come with industry-specific data models and pre-built components that empower customers to rapidly adopt and see value from a modern data management program.

“One of the things that Reltio has differentiated ourselves in is bringing that semantic understanding—understanding of the data domains or the data models for specific types of data that is being managed for the different market segments or the industry verticals,” said Subramanian.

“In the case of a technology platform, the customers have the burden of defining the data model, the data structures, the configurations associated with those data structures, creating the integrations for those specific data domains… [Velocity packs] dramatically simplify all of that process by providing them with prebuilt structure of data…so that they can drive the outcomes they're trying to drive,” Subramanian continued.

Helping to accelerate time-to-value and lower error risk, the new velocity packs include:

  • Reltio for Supplier: Designed to unify and standardize supplier data across the enterprise, this velocity pack offers an out-of-the-box data model, a preconfigured user interface, match rules, and pre-built integrations and mappings to optimize supply chain performance and reduce compliance risk.
  • Reltio for Product: This velocity pack simplifies inventory management and helps to boost product sales, delivering a prebuilt data model and prebuilt configurations, a preconfigured user interface, and match rules, accelerating product innovation and fine-tuning sales strategies.

Reltio is further offering a premium business continuity solution for Reltio Multidomain MDM and Reltio 360 Data Product customers—dubbed Reltio Business Critical Edition—which empowers enterprises with continuously available, trusted, real-time data to serve mission-critical business operations. Helping to avoid outages and data loss, Business Critical Edition offers multi-zone, mirrored tenants with “hot” standby disaster recovery configurations, cross-region failover, recovery-time objectives of less than 4 hours, and recovery-point objectives of less than 5 minutes.

Additionally, Business Critical Edition features AWS PrivateLink for secure data transfer over a virtual private cloud (VPC) and Reltio Shield for data encryption using customer-specific keys.

“We are making it even simpler, easier for our customers to deploy and use Reltio’s capabilities for unifying their most critical data assets and users’ critical applications,” said Subramanian. “Our goal is to become that data substrate, the Data API layer for any kind of data.”

“I'm personally excited about it…because, ultimately, I am somewhat a beneficiary of some of… [these updates]. Some of these customers that we serve, I'm a customer of theirs. There is a real-world impact to all of these things that we are doing. It's not so much just the technology for the sake of technology, but how technology is touching the lives of everyday individuals, and how we are playing a part in that,” concluded Subramanian.

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