Reltio Introduces Free Cloud Service for Mastering Customer Identities

Reltio has announced the availability of Reltio Identity 360, a free cloud-native service to provide a single source of truth for identity data about customers, contacts, and other persons such as patients, sales representatives, and employees in real-time and at-scale. 

According to the company, Reltio Identity 360 eliminates the common problem of inconsistent, duplicate, incomplete, and fragmented customer data by consolidating, deduplicating, enriching, and validating customer profiles. In additon, Identity 360 Free Tier users have a rapid migration upgrade path to other editions: 

    • Premium Edition to manage more consolidated profiles and use Identity Graph to visualize relationships among persons
    • Enterprise Edition for additional support, customization, and security

Reltio Identity 360 aggregates person data from all sources, matches identities, removes duplicates, and merges attributes to provide a single source of truth. A universal identifier is then created for the profile to share across all operational and analytical applications. 

Unlike standalone, on-premise, or hosted address validation, data quality or MDM products, Reltio Identity 360 is a SaaS product running on Reltio Connected Data Platform, a born in the cloud MDM platform. 

Enterprises with more complex customer data management requirements can move to Reltio Connected Customer 360 to create even richer master customer profiles with real-time transaction, interaction, and third-party data, and access more features such as Connected Graph technology for relationship insights, data governance, and enhanced security.

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