Reltio Updates Cloud Platform to Enable Greater Business Productivity

Reltio has unveiled a new update to its cloud platform that will enhance the delivery of reliable master data, relevant big data insights, and intelligent recommended actions.

“In this release we continue to focus on improving productivity for businesses but at the same time we are focusing on improving productivity and efficiency of IT operations,” said Anastasia Zamyshlyaeva, vice president of platform product management at Reltio.

The new update, dubbed Reltio Cloud 2015.2, features a range of capabilities, from granular segmentation to comprehensive audit, improving insights and productivity for frontline business teams through data-driven applications, and boosting operating efficiency for IT teams through modern data management.

By offering categories through granular segmentation it provides a powerful way to group and segment any type of data stored in Reltio in a structured hierarchical manner, thus providing another method to group together records in a simple and easy way, according to the vendor.

In addition, this offering continues to provide relevant insights in the form of visual dashboards containing continuously updated aggregate counts of all attributes, and tag clouds for convenient one-click access and analysis; builds upon Reltio’s flexible Google-style semantic search, which returns results across all attributes in all records, as well as attribute-level Boolean filters; and adds the ability to find records that do not exactly match a specific value or do not contain a list of values. Users can also filter records by contributing source system, merged values or counts. “I think this is one of the most beloved functionalities because we have a very powerful Google-like search,” Zamyshlyaeva said. “It’s a very powerful, fast and reactive way to understand your data.”

Additionally, "Comprehensive Auditnow" allows tracking of all actions taken by a user through data-driven applications. Other updates include enhanced personalization, configurable data as a service, and sophisticated match features.

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