Render’s Monorepository Feature Reduces System Complexity and Boosts Development Flexibility

Render, a unified cloud services platform for engineering teams, is launching early access for its latest monorepository feature, available to active Render customers. The tool merges customer code into a single repository, eliminating the need to manage numerous smaller repositories simultaneously.

Over the past decade, interest in adopting monorepos has significantly increased; Google’s employment of the strategy for code base management innovated the way data is managed across platforms, according to the company. Since that innovation, smaller enterprises have begun utilizing monorepos to buffer against ES6, SCSS preprocessors, task managers, npm, and CI/Cd complexities.

“We accelerated the introduction of monorepos because of significant customer demand,” said Anurag Goel, founder and CEO of Render. “Many of them prefer the monorepo approach because it gives them a shared code base with clear dependencies. Monorepos can reduce complexity and enable teams to move faster and with more confidence in their systems.”

Render’s monorepo is composed of features that aim to lighten the code management burden for development teams. With intuitive build filters, developers can assign which specific files/directories to watch for potential changes; this gives its users the ability to have complex setups, faster build speeds, and service-wide deployment on Render. The base directory feature supports varying combinations of code dependencies, allowing for numerous versions of a single dependency in different directories. Automated code and admin functions increase speeds for building, changing, and deploying via Render’s monorepo. Finally, polyrepo compatibility makes monorepo features compatible with polyrepo setups, aiding in build and deploy control.

“Render's newly introduced monorepo support was what led me to Render,” said Stephen Haney, founder of Modulz. “Almost every project I work on is a monorepo, and part of the reason I use Render is so that I don't have to run CI/CD or manage certificates. Getting Render's Build Filters set up was easy with helpful examples and documentation. Without flexible monorepo support, I'd have to spend a lot more time on CI/CD.”

Active Render users can opt into Render’s monorepo via their Account/Team Settings Page and by scrolling down to the Early Access section.

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