Rethinking Data Warehousing with Cloud Technologies

Cloud is changing the game when it comes to data storage and processing, according to Greg Rahn, director of product management at Snowflake Computing. Rahn will be presenting a session at Data Summit 2015 focusing on demystifying the differences in cloud architecture and implementation that are critical to understand and evaluate the different options out there.

 “For people thinking about cloud or about new data warehousing options, it is critical to understand where the cloud gives them new opportunities and how to evaluate their options,” Rahn said. “For example, the way to think about performance, scalability, concurrency and data transformation can be very different in the cloud - if the architecture and technology take advantage of the cloud.”

The two-day Data Summit, which will be held Tuesday, May 12, through Wednesday, May 13, and preceded by a day of workshops on Monday, May 11, will take place at the New York Hilton Midtown

Rahn’s session, titled “Data Warehousing Extreme Makeover, Cloud Edition: Rethinking Data Warehousing for the Cloud,” will take place on May 13 at 3 pm.

Organizations already use a large number of cloud applications, but are only recently starting to think about data warehousing as a possibility, Rahn said. “Why? Because the exploding use of data has driven organizations to look for ways to be more agile - projects, analytics and users are constantly changing,” Rahn explained. “Conventional data warehousing was not built for that - you needed to decide how much capacity you needed years into the future and then purchase all that capacity up front, creating a lot of pain for people today.”

The cloud is designed for flexibility, Rahn said, and for data warehousing that means reducing deployment time to almost nothing, being able to add and shrink capacity on-the-fly and making it easy to support any scale of users and workloads at any time. “As organizations think about how to support their evolving data analytics requirements, evaluating cloud options will be important to making the right decisions,” Rahn said.

He looks forward to bringing his bag of tips and tricks for utilizing cloud to Data Summit. “Data Summit will be a great opportunity for people to learn what new approaches and technologies are available for them to consider,” Rahn said. “Understanding those new options and hearing from peers what they are looking at will put Data Summit attendees ahead of the curve when it comes to leveraging their data for competitive advantage.”

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