Revelation Enhances OpenInsight with Upgrades

Revelation is adding enhancements to its OpenInsight platform, enabling performance improvements across the solution.

OpenInsight 10.0.7 includes updates to:

  • OpenInsight for Web (O4W)
  • OpenInsight Management Console
  • SQL Connector
  • MultiValue Connector
  • Cloud Based Filing System
  • OpenInsight Git
  • net
  • NetOI / RevDotNet
  • OpenInsight Converter Utility
  • OECGI4
  • Arev64
  • Character to OpenInsight (CTO),
  • OpenInsight Authentication Module
  • OpenInsight Single Sign-On
  • OpenInsight Banded Report Writer
  • OpenInsight Presentation Server

OpenInsight now provides an option to change the precision of mathematical operations. This can be set by calling the setEPMode stored procedure, passing in 1 to enable and 0 to disable the functionality. By default, the extended precision math will maintain 32 digits of precision, but this can be modified by calling the setEPModePrecision stored procedure, passing in the number of digits of precision desired.

OpenInsight's RLIST functionality and performance have also been improved starting with the 10.0.7 release. A new version of RLIST (RLISTX), which optionally replaces and extends RLIST, is available to enable these enhancements. RLISTX merges the features of RLIST, SELECT_INTO, OLIST/RUN_REPORT, and RTI_XBAND

The MultiValue BFS (MVBFS) connections for QM, D3, and U2 have been enhanced to submit multiple select lists to the "back end" host for bulk processing whenever possible. This enhancement can result in significant performance improvements when using an MVBFS connection.

Starting with OpenInsight 10.0.4, "child" processes launched from OpenInsight can be configured so that they do not consume additional license seats. In particular, CTO, AREV64, BRW, and O4W calls (using the engine server's built-in web server) made from a copy of OpenInsight will not count against the licensed count of users.

To take advantage of this license enhancement for O4W and engine server tasks, users/developers must update their eserver.cfg file (either directly or through the Settings dialogs).

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