Revelation Officially Releases OpenInsight 10.1

Revelation Software is offering version 10.1 of OpenInsight, providing new cloud enhancements and an improved REST interface which allows developers to rapidly prototype RESTful support routines to provide access to web clients.

The REST Interface definition can be codified in OpenAPI (nee Swagger) and developers can manually create their REST interfaces with the REST DSN, or import an OpenAPI JSON definition.

OpenInsight 10.1 includes changes to the background indexing processes—specifically, background index updates will now use the rebalance method to update indexes if a large number of rows need to be updated at one time.

The rebalance functionality reads the index into memory, applies updates, and updates changed records. 

O4W is now a repository type (it had previously been a repository class). Entities will be converted, if needed, during the conversion process (OI 9.x to OI 10.1) or upgrade process (OI 10.0.x to OI 10.1). 

This change should be transparent to most developers and all users, unless you have code that specifically accesses O4W entities. If so, that code will need to be updated for the 10.1 release.

OpenInsight's RLIST functionality and performance, improved with the 10.0.7 release, now uses the new version of RLIST (RLISTX) by default.

OpenInsight versions since 10.0.8 now optionally install an open-source version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). 

Note that the open-source version installed via the installation process does not update system paths; rather, it puts the JRE directly inside the OpenInsight folder. 

Both the commands (batch files) to install the EngineServer service, and to run the Engine Server in "debug" mode, are aware of the location of the JRE and thus do not require modifications to the workstation's/server's environment settings.

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