Revelation Software Announces OpenInsight Development Suite 9.3.2

Revelation Software has announced the availability of the latest release of OpenInsight Development Suite 9.3.2, which provides OpenInsight for Web (O4W) 1.4. Revelation’s flagship product, OpenInsight, is a database development suite that provides Windows, Web 2.0 and .Net tools to develop and deploy mission-critical applications. There are currently more than 1.5 million licensed users of Revelation products across 60,000 deployed sites worldwide.

The new release of OpenInsight for Web (O4W v1.4)includes enhanced OECGI3P.PHP to provide better performance in fastcgi situations, initial deployment of new engine server functionality, “pattern validation” in the form designer, a “READY” event for forms and reports, as well as  the ability to use repository entities for template and css, and O4W Mobile enhancements. 

“We are constantly improving OpenInsight for Web. With each release of OpenInsight, we also have these incremental releases. It is like a product within a product,” Robert Catalano, director of sales for Revelation, tells DBTA. “As Mike Ruane [president of Revelation] makes his way around the globe, he meets with our resellers and users of our software and we listen to what they need and try to implement those requests in the product.”

In addition, with this release of OpenInsight, MultiValue connectors for UniVerse, UniData, D3, mvBase and OpenQM have been combined into a single code set called MVBFS so that when Revelation delivers features and functionality in the future, it will be distributed to all the connectors at one time, in a way that is transparent to users. This new base filing system will also support rti_readu, rti_writeu, and rti_writerelease functions to allow developers to interact with MultiValue servers in a more traditional MultiValue style. Transaction logging support has also been incorporated with the rti_transaction subroutine. In the past, notes Catalano, the way in which OpenInsight handled certain basic functions was different than traditional MultiValue databases, and this new base filing system will allow developers to interact with MultiValue systems in a more standard MultiValue fashion.

OpenInsight Development Suite 9.3.2 is available from Revelation Software, or through their network of resellers. See for details.