Revelation Software Announces Release of OpenInsight Development

Following more than a year of development that has touched almost every entity within the product, Revelation Software has announced the availability of OpenInsight Development Suite (OI) 9.0. It is a free upgrade to current members of Revelation's Works Program.

"We are really happy with what we were able to do in roughly 18 months of putting this together, " Mike Ruane, president and CEO of Revelation, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "It was satisfying that we were able to put together a package that took care of both our developers and our end-users and sets up our applications for the next bunch of years."

Ruane adds, "We listened to what our customers have been asking for and we delivered in this release. I believe that OI 9.0 will allow Revelation-based applications to be extended into the foreseeable future. "

The new release provides many new features, including WebOI, a Web enablement and development toolkit. With WebOI, existing OpenInsight Forms and Popups can be ported quickly and easily to the Web and existing subroutines and functions can be integrated to apply business logic allowing for maximum reuse and integration.

The 9.0 release offers a new look and feel with the inclusion of a new IDE for the Application Manager. Also included is a new System Editor++ which has fast, accurate color coding, the ability to collapse code and show line numbers. In addition, the System Editor++ supports the opening and editing of OS files and performs color coding on HTML and JavaScript tags. Syntax assistance tips for Basic+ keywords, functions, and subroutines are also provided.

Also new to OI 9.0 is the Bravo Dashboard from Sierra Bravo Corporation. The Bravo Dashboard is a MultiValue CGI application that delivers the output of individual business metrics "widgets" to a dashboard web page. A new .NET version of the OIPI Print engine is included as well as enhancements to Basic+, Banded Report Writer, Table Builder, Arev32, Report Builder, XML Workspace and the U2 Connector.

The OpenInsight Development Suite 9.0 will be offered in three versions: Desktop Edition, Server Edition and Enterprise Edition. Each Edition is targeted to meet the needs of specific market segments.  All editions of OI are network-ready.  Additionally, all editions include the Universal Driver 4.5 with the purchase of a new license. Previously that was a separate purchase, says Robert Catalano, director of sales, Revelation Software.

"We have extended OpenInsight by embracing new technologies such as Web 2.0, .NET, and a Dashboard interface with price points that address all market segments," Catalano states.

OpenInsight Development Suite 9.0 is available from Revelation Software, or through their network of resellers. Go to the Revelation website for more product information and pricing details.