Revelation Software Calls for OpenInsight 9.4 Beta Testers

Revelation Software is inviting members of its Works Subscription program to take part in the beta test of OpenInsight 9.4.

The new release includes improvements to the MVBFS (MultiValue Based Filing System) connector, as well as additional minor updates that have been requested by users, Robert Catalano, director of sales at Revelation, tells DBTA.

The MVBFS is the single piece of software that connects OpenInsight to all other MultiValue platforms, including LadyBridge QM, TigerLogic D3 and mvBase, and Rocket Software UniVerse and UniData, Catalano explains. Improvements have been made to the way dictionaries are converted and there have also been enhancements in terms of speed and making the converter more reliable.

“Revelation is constantly improving the product,” Catalano explains. Members of the Works Subscription program have the ability to participate in forums on Revelation website, providing them the opportunity to make suggestions for enhancements and report bugs. “We take those very seriously,” notes Catalano. Point releases are a reaction to postings that take place on the forum.

“At the same time, we are also in development for OpenInsight 10.0,” says Catalano.  This next major release will provide the 64-bit implementation of the product.

The Revelation Users Conference will be held at the Sheraton Music City Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee, on April 16-19, 2013. Registration is open.

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