Revelation Software Continues “On the Road” Tour to Demonstrate O4W Mobile

Mike Ruane, president and CEO of Revelation Software,  continues his “on the road” tour this summer to demonstrate O4W (OpenInsight for Web) Mobile at user group meetings and conferences across the country and the U.K. Next stop on the road trip is the Pick Regional User Conferences 2013, hosted by TigerLogic, in Newport Beach, Calif., on Aug. 8, and in Hollywood, Fla., on Sept. 18.

Ruane will also present at the Revelation Software U.K. User Group Meeting on Sept. 25 at the Hilton Doubletree Ealing, London; and at the Colorado MultiValue Users Group (CMUG) on Oct. 8.

The purpose of the presentations is to not only to showcase Revelation’s technology but also to meet users and get feedback, says Revelation Software’s director of sales, Robert Catalano. In the presentations, Ruane’s team is demonstrating to attendees how easy it is to build a mobile application with Revelation’s software.

To accomplish this, Revelation is bringing a small wireless network and allowing attendees to connect to its local network. Mike Ruane walks attendees through the process of building a very small mobile application for a pizza ordering system, explains Catalano.

The Revelation road show already showcased O4W Mobile in June at the Seattle Area Pick User Group (SAPUG) meeting where the presentation was well attended and well received, said Catalano. The complete “On the Road” schedule of Revelation Software’s O4W Mobile presentations is available here