Revelation Software Gives Primer on OpenInsight 10 in Latest DBTA Webcast

In April, Revelation Software released the latest version of OpenInsight, re-engineering the platform from the ground up.

The company rewrote nearly every bit of code in the product, from the interface with the user, to the reporting tools, and the speed of the indexing routines.

DBTA recently held a webinar with Mike Ruane president/ CEO at Revelation, Robert Catalano, director of sales and marketing at Revelation, and Bryan Shumsky Senior software developer at Revelation, to discuss the latest improvements to OpenInsight.

 OI 10 provides the following new and/or improved components:

  • New IDE - OpenInsight 10 includes a brand new IDE, visually similar to modern application development tools, yet still designed for the MultiValue developer. Each of the product's designers, for forms, tables, reports and all others are now contained into a single, cohesive workspace.
  • Arev64 - The next generation of our Advanced Revelation emulator, utilizing the full power and capabilities of modern 64-bit architectures.
  • User and Data Security - With increased concerns about security and privacy, including upcoming GDPR requirements, a number of enhancements and changes have been made to strengthen data security.
  • Management Console - The OpenInsight Management Console is a browser-based database management tool for system administrators.
  • Git Integration - OpenInsight's repository based environment is integrated to the Git source code management system.
  • Universal Driver 5.1 - 64-bit and VSS capability.

“We have an intuitive UI, improved performance, reinforced security, and enhanced web interface,” Catalano said.

IDEs have won the development wars and Python is one of the leading languages taught in schools while MS Visual Studio is free to most students, emerging developers know what they want and are comfortable with, Ruane explained. They want an integrate design environment.

“For a new developer, out of school…For an experienced MV developer… For a web-based developer… There are many different answers but OpenInsight 10 has many of them,” Ruane said.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.