Revelation Software Implements New Tools for OpenInsight

Revelation Software is releasing  tools and bug fixes for its OpenInsight Platform, empowering developers with a reliable MultiValue solution.

To help OpenInsight system administrators manage linear hash tables, Revelation is releasing a reporting and resizing tool called RTI_LH_STATISTICS. 

“As the volume of data increases in systems, there’s degradation and we’ve given users a tool to analyze those potentially degraded files and a methodology to resize them so they hash correctly,” said Robert Catalano, director of sales and marketing, Revelation Software.

This tool will enable OpenInsight system administrators to view linear hash statistics within an application and identify and resize poorly hashed tables. System administrators can use this tool on any table, including ! and DICT files, as well as system files, such as SYSLISTS and SYSOBJ. 

In addition to fix a variety of issues in OpenInsight 9.4, Revelation is releasing a “roll up” patch that includes all the previous fixes for Openinsight 9.4, said Catalano. OpenInsight 9.4 was released more than 2 years ago, he explained. “Our resellers and developers report back to us on issues that they find in the software, and because we were so far down the path in the development of OpenInsight 10, in lieu of doing traditional releases we had started making patches.”  The new rollup patch will provide all previous fixes in one convenient zip file. “This fix will get all of those patch fixes in one build to our developers and resellers so they can deploy it easily,” Catalano said.

Some of the fixes include issues with reporting tools, .NET library enhancements, and other minor fixes. “These are complex tools and some of these were minor bugs that were more of an annoyance but we’ve resolved our problems,” Catalano said.

RTI_LH_Statistics is available at no cost to all current Works members.

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