Revelation Software Users Gather at 2010 Conference in Las Vegas This Week

The 2010 Revelation Software Users' Conference kicked off with opening remarks today by Mike Ruane, president of Revelation Software, followed by a keynote by Tom Wilson, president of Database Trends and Applications magazine and Unisphere Research. Wilson addressed "The Year Ahead in Information Management," highlighting key trends overall in IT and their relevance to the MultiValue arena.

Revelation Software is holding its conference this week at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Unisphere Research IT market studies have pointed to the continued importance of MultiValue technology based on its core functionality and value, plus a demonstrated low cost of ownership and administration, noted Wilson. During challenging economic times, MV has continued to be an attractive database selection.

But beyond the current economic scenario, Wilson observed that there has been a much tighter rein on IT spending since 2000, with far more concrete assessments of cost-of-ownership and return-on-investment applied. At the same time, IT managers today are being asked to do more and to contribute more strategically to the business. Concurrently, data volumes related to e-commerce and the internet, remote devices and the consumerization of IT are driving up those data volumes everywhere. Cost, data volume and the resulting interest in expanded data virtualization represent a new opportunity for the use of cost-effective database solutions. MV provides a proven answer in this environment, Wilson emphasized.

The deployments of service-oriented architectures and master data management strategies support MV as well, noted Wilson. Along with virtualization, these new architectures will enable applications to access data wherever it resides - including MV databases. As the focus moves increasingly to the middleware level to achieve integration and analytics, recommending the new deployment of cost-effective and proven MultiValue database technology makes business sense - as does the retention of MV systems already in place.

OpenInsight Development Suite 9.2 is now in beta testing and will be available for release in May/June 2010. Major components of the new release include OpenInsight for Web (O4W); the SQL Connector; and D3 Connector.

Ruane is showcasing the latest release in a number of sessions this week, including "OpenInsight's New SQL Connector: How to Use SQL Tables Anyway You'd Like" and "Open Insight 9.2 Features and Functionality: An Overview." Robert Catalano, director of sales at Revelation, is presenting "An Introduction to OpenInsight for Web (O4W)" and additional presentations will be made as well by Revelation partners and executives.

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