Revelation Software’s OpenInsight 10.0 to Provide Cloud Connector to Couchbase Server

When Revelation Software president and CEO Mike Ruane previewed the upcoming release of OpenInsight 10.0 during a recent road trip to Sydney, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand, there was strong reaction to Revelation's new cloud connector technology as well as new user authentication and security controls.

OpenInsight 10.0 will offer a cloud-based filing system (CBFS) that will allow the OpenInsight toolset to operate on data stored in cloud databases. According to Revelation, OpenInsight is a natural fit as a toolset for working with these databases.  The first cloud database connection offered will be for Couchbase, a NoSQL document-oriented database. The connector will translate the OpenInsight markup scheme to the markup scheme of Couchbase which is JSON.  Next on the roadmap for an OpenInsight connector is MongoDB, followed most likely by Windows Azure, said Ruane.

While the first CBFS is planned for the 10.0 release, the reaction was strong and customers who are currently on version 9.4 want access to it now, according to Ruane. To accommodate their requests, Revelation developers are actively working on that now to accelerate development.

Ruane also previewed new user authentication and security for developers and programmers to ensure version control in Auckland. “They had so many good suggestions that the version we showed in Sydney was actually different because the developers were able to make changes tin time so that we could show the updated software,” he noted.

The trip was gratifying since, Ruane added, he was able to get out with VARs and resellers to actual customer sites and see the software in use, rather than simply speaking in meeting rooms.

Continuing to gather feedback on the new release, Ruane has scheduled a trip to London in September to preview OpenInsight 10.0 again, and additional trips within the U.S. are also being planned. The official 10.0 release is slated for March 2015 during Revelation Software’s next user conference in Houston.

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