Revolution Analytics Improves Enterprise Ease of Use for R

Revolution Analytics, a commercial provider of open source R software, has released Revolution R Open and Revolution R Plus. R is a free statistical language software which is used by more than 2 million users worldwide. R software helps companies realize the value and meaning of their big data. Revolution R Open is a free distribution which contains benefits than just using the standard R distribution.

“There are some benefits: number one is performance, the way we build open source R and Revolution R Open is to link it with the multi-thread Internal Math Kernel Library. That gives an immediate performance to all R code without making a change to the code at all,” explained David Smith, chief community officer at Revolution Analytics. Revolution R Open also contains the Reproducible R Toolkit (RRT). This tool allows the 2 million R users to share reliable R scripts with one another and to be produced correctly all of the time. 

Revolution Analytics is now offering technical support and open source assurance for an annual subscription fee with Revolution R Plus. This new support is to assist R users with any potential issues and mitigate the risk of open source software.  

Revolution R plus covers Revolution R open and three additional open source components; ParallelR, RHadoop, and DeployR Open. ParallelR is a toolkit for writing parallel and distributed algorithms in the R language. RHadoop is a framework for writing MapReduce algorithms in R for computation in a Hadoop cluster. DeployR Open is a web service for R that provides for secure integration of real-time R calculations into third-party applications.

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