Revolution Analytics to Support In-Hadoop Analytics with Cloudera

Revolution Analytics, a commercial provider of software, services and support for the open source R project, plans to offer increased support for Hadoop as a platform for big data analytics with Cloudera CDH3 and CDH4 in its upcoming release of Revolution R Enterprise 7.0.

The convergence of R and Hadoop is a powerful advancement, said Charles Zedlewski, vice president, Products, Cloudera, observing that Hadoop has evolved from a batch-oriented data store to a high-performance, integrated environment that allows organizations to process, visualize and search a wide range of data. “With Revolution Analytics and the power of R, Cloudera customers will be able to easily build and deploy predictive analytics models.”

This new offering with Cloudera will deliver to customers the power, scale, economy and innovation they need to grow more quickly and work more efficiently, added Dave Rich, CEO of Revolution Analytics.

Revolution R Enterprise 6.2, currently available, is certified to work with Cloudera CDH3 and CDH4, allowing researchers to write their own Hadoop-based analytics in R and deploy them within the Cloudera environment.

According to Revolution Analytics, with the 7.0 release, Cloudera customers will have the ability to quickly and easily invoke R-powered predictive models, and push beyond simple summaries, queries and data visualization to enable greater insights from data managed by the Hadoop environment. This will be accompished without the need to learn to write MapReduce in Java, Python or other languages, without using SQL and without having to know how to design parallel algorithms. 

More information is available about Revolution Analytics.