Ricoh Uses Oracle-Based Private Cloud to Support IoT Solution

Ricoh Company, Ltd, one of the world’s leading printing and document management companies, is using Oracle’s SPARC T5 servers with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances and Oracle Database to analyze data from RICOH @Remote, its real-time support service for customers in more than 100 countries and regions. 

The service monitors and collects thousands of data points from several million multi-function printers, including the number of pages printed, toner levels and print settings, and provides reports on configuration and operating status. By mining this IoT data, Ricoh can enhance customer satisfaction by being proactive and predicting and detecting potential problems before they happen, optimizing the frequency of maintenance and inspection visits, and minimizing device downtime.

To unify the data across the company to enable accurate views and analysis, Ricoh built a private cloud accessible by the entire RICOH @Remote remote service group that allows high speed access from internal networks. SPARC T5 servers with Oracle Solaris and Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Appliances are being used for data analysis with the ZFS Storage ZS3 Series also acting as an operational data store for data from RICOH @Remote.

“Our RICOH @Remote data is housed in Oracle Database, which made a private cloud based on Oracle’s SPARC T5 servers and ZFS Storage ZS3 a natural choice for accumulating, processing and analyzing big data from RICOH @Remote,” said Toshiaki Sato, deputy general manager, Development Process Innovation Center, Ricoh Company, Ltd. 

The Oracle-based cloud also provides Ricoh capacity to accommodate future growth. Oracle Advanced Compression and Hybrid Columnar Compression has compressed Ricoh’s actual data to less than 30% and with the scalability of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, Ricoh expects to cost-efficiently scale its backup infrastructure as RICOH @Remote data grows.

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