Ridge Secures $22 Million in Funding Round to Close Gaps in Cloud Coverage

Global cloud services provider Ridge announced it has secured $22 million in early-stage funding, enabling the company to extend cloud services to locations where there is a gap in public cloud coverage, or to applications for which a public cloud is not a great fit.

The funding round was lead by Gigi Levy-Weiss at NFX. NFX led the Seed round and also participated in the Series A led by Chartered Group. Mayfield, Slow Ventures, and Viola also contributed to the investment round.

Ridge provides a solution for companies that need a flexible cloud architecture to meet their specific application requirements.

By providing developers with the building blocks to deploy anywhere in the world, Ridge closes existing cloud coverage gaps and helps companies reach customers anywhere in the world, including previously underserved locations.

Ridge users benefit from both the agility of a public cloud and the high performance of localized infrastructure.

The Ridge cloud is built upon existing infrastructure in hundreds of data centers across the globe. Many of the world's leading data centers have already partnered with Ridge, including T-Systems, NTT, and INAP.

Data centers can easily add Ridge's public cloud services without needing the expertise to run the services themselves.

"We've learned that no single cloud architecture is enough for the applications we're seeing today," said Jonathan Seelig, executive chairman, Ridge. "Companies and developers need the flexibility to best serve their applications anywhere they need. Ridge gives them that freedom: Our cloud is scalable on-demand, it doesn't require any new CAPEX, and it's easily included in any hybrid and multi-cloud architecture. It has the latitude to handle emerging location-dependent apps, such as the new wave of IoT applications," he added.

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