RightData Debuts DataMarket, a Next-Generation Data Catalog

RightData, the Data Products Company and provider of data product software, is introducing DataMarket, enabling users to act on all data within an organization.

According to the company, DataMarket works with any data source, data store, or analytics package and can understand definitions, view metadata, control access, and direct access to APIs, connectors, and natural language-based data analysis.

RightData's DataMarket makes it easy for all business users to find and consume data products. It provides an online shopping style experience to data consumers, allowing them to use natural language search to find data products, to see quality ratings and reviews from other users, and to see the details of the data product.

Users can then request access for the data product and immediately start using the data through its provided API, JDBC connectors, downloads, or even the rendering of data visualizations directly within the DataMarket.

"We're creating a new era of data access. DataMarket is launching in a time of such great tension within organizations on how to both use and benefit from data,” said Vasu Sattenapalli, RightData's CEO. “Data consumers are frustrated with having to ask around, 'do we have this type of data? Who owns it? Can I get access?' Data engineers, architects, and analysts are tired of creating data products that don't get used or have to create the same data products time and time again. DataMarket course corrects all of this tension and gets refined data into the hands of decision-makers precisely when and where it's needed most."

According to the company, DataMarket provides comprehensive information about each data set, including user reviews, quality ratings, and data samples. It also enables users to request and grant data access right from the platform, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual processes.

Once a user has found the right data and is confident about its quality, they can immediately download it, use the API to connect it to their product, or begin analyzing it with their preferred analytics tool.

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