Rivery Creates Kits for Building Data Models

Rivery is launching Rivery Kits, a new solution for all Rivery users to access readily available data models.

Kits are pre-built data models to help data teams immediately create the right data pipelines to tackle common challenges and scenarios.

These ready-made pieces of code can be changed or customized to fit a company’s data needs, but they are the best starting point to leverage existing data models that are proven to be effective in their specific use cases.

The idea of having one, big archive with Kits (a Kit Hub) was a no brainer as the next logical step for Rivery, according to the vendor.

Our users often face similar challenges across similar types of organizations – and what’s more, they often use similar data stacks and report to teams that expect similar KPIs.

By sharing the most efficient and popular Kits, the company strives to help its community of data engineers and data analysts to tap into a whole universe of data models, which can be used in endless ways.

Another way in which Kits will help Rivery users is by giving them insight into the data models of top-performing data-driven teams around the world.

Whether a users data warehouse is on BigQuery, Snowflake or Redshift, there are templates that are designed for a users data ecosystem. Of course, as Rivery’s Kit Hub expands, there will be an increasing number of alternatives to cover more use cases and solutions across all data warehouses.

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