Rivery Launches Self-Service Platform With Pre-Built Data Workflows

Rivery, a DataOps company, has  launched a new platform that enables data analysts and data engineers to adopt its technology without the customary steps that make the purchasing process long and complex. 

The new self-service offering allows users to access the platform to ingest, transform, and manage data autonomously—even create data workflows using pre-engineered data models or kits.

By adding this alternative, Rivery says it is removing traditional barriers from companies that want to take a leap into the world of DataOps. Rivery’s self-service model is a solution for data analysts, data engineers, and BI teams and, for larger teams that require a point of contact, or that will require high-frequency updates to large datasets, Rivery plans to continue providing monthly and annual solutions that are more cost-effective at scale. 

“Rivery’s self-service platform is built for businesses and enterprises that are interested in managing and capitalizing on their data—quickly,” said Itamar Ben Hemo, co-founder and CEO of Rivery. "Our latest rollout means anyone can engineer a data stack. In my eyes, that’s a breakthrough for companies with limited capacity to make the most out of their data."

According to Rivery, its technology represents a new approach to DataOps and data management, injecting automation and actionable logic into the traditional data ETL/ELT (extract, transform, and load) processes. The company’s prefabricated data models, or Kits, allow customers to save time and customize their data to fit their needs. These ready-made pieces of code are the best starting point to leverage existing data models that are proven to be effective in their specific use cases.

Rivery is a Premier Technology Partner with Snowflake as well as having partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Amazon's AWS, Google Cloud, Databricks, Looker Analytics, and Tableau. Additionally, dozens of services and consulting partners deploy Rivery to help their clients migrate their data to the cloud and manage their complete data operations from a single platform.

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