Rocana Launches Rocana Ops 2.0 with Upgraded Alerting Capabilities

Rocana, a provider of IT operations analytics software, is introducing Rocana Ops 2.0. This release updates the event alerting and orchestration capabilities, offering unique visual experience for first responders, and providing wider cloud platform visibility. Now with Rocana Ops 2.0, the vendor says, IT teams can take real-time intelligent action on all of their event data. 

With this release, the company has announced Rocana Reflex, a new event alerting and orchestration system that enables operations teams to provide smart, instant, and automated reactions based on what is happening in their environment.

With Rocana Ops 2.0, operations teams can see and manage thousands of priority-coded alerts and anomalies from across the environment in one consolidated, correlated view. Urgent problems can easily be identified and triaged in real time with unmatched efficiency.

Integrated with Rocana Reflex, operations teams can automate instant action such as routing a support ticket or provisioning additional capacity such as on Amazon Web Services using a REST API.

Now with the addition of first-class integration with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, users can capture and correlate logs, metrics, and other event data from sources such as OpenStack, Docker, and AWS with data from all legacy sources – over time, and in real time.

"From the outset, Rocana has been focused on building a solution that solves core IT operational challenges. We've taken a deliberate approach where each software version is a strategically-placed stepping stone that ultimately enable us to redefine and elevate the role of IT operations,” said Omer Trajman, CEO and co-founder of Rocana. “The new capabilities provided in Rocana Ops 2.0 deliver on this promise and make it the standard-bearer for next-generation IT operations monitoring solutions."

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