Rocana Updates Platform with New Search and Analysis Capabilities

Rocana, which provides a platform for managing IT operations, is adding new capabilities for the search, ingest, and analysis of operational data.

The new release addresses three different dimensions of operational data, according to Eric Sammer, Rocana CTO and co-founder.  “We think about this as depth of visibility; the breadth across wired data, application data, infrastructure information, and so on; and range of time.”

Rocana Ops 1.5 helps technologists collect and analyze data across all sources machine, wire, application, and customer data.

With Rocana Ops 1.5's search technology, companies now have the ability to keep all data online and available for analysis, from the moment it's captured until years later. As operational data is captured, Rocana Ops automatically examines all new information to develop an understanding of what behaviors are normal across the entire environment. This is then used to identify abnormal behaviors and bring them to the attention of IT operators through an intuitive visual interface.

In addition, said Sammer, “We’ve really beefed up our anomaly detection.” With Rocana Ops 1.5, the guided visual interface has been enhanced to simplify drill down to the root cause of any anomaly with the accuracy of anomaly detection being greatly increased, resulting in fewer false positives.  

Additionally, Rocana Ops 1.5 now contains native integration of Cisco NetFlow sources, enabling network metadata to be captured, analyzed, and correlated with operational data from all other sources.

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