Rocket Announces MV Product Updates

Rocket Software has announced upgrades to both Rocket SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA) and RocketCorVu NG. Rocket SB/XA simplifies the development of applications by offering both a standard format to follow when you write code, as well as shortcuts whereby SB/XA produces the code based on your selections. Rocket CorVu NG allows BI users to gain business insights through comprehensive data visualizations.

For Rocket SB/XA, Rocket’s Customer Advisory Board requested that SB/XA become as fast as SB+ 5.5. The performance of SB/XA was improved to the point where it is now running 75% faster than previously. New form cache, grid paging, and XPS report loading settings have been added so you can customize the performance of SB/XA along with a number of new changes that optimize the performance of SB/XA.

Rocket CorVu NG 3.2.2 includes enhanced performance for both UniVerse and UniData, improved metadata management, and increased support for extended ASCII character sets. Users of CorVu NG are encouraged to upgrade to 3.2.2 since several customer-reported bugs and enhancements have been addressed in this release.

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