Rocket Enhances its UniData MultiValue Database

Rocket Software is updating its UniData MultiValue Database, part of the MultiValue Application Platform, with the addition of Python programming support and audit logging capabilities.

These enhancements expand the potential user base for UniData and improve the ability to recruit new development talent, allowing users to easily establish configurable histories of interactions, events, and activities.

The inclusion of Python support opens up MultiValue databases to architects and programmers who use one of the world’s most popular languages, helping organizations that rely on MultiValue to expand their hiring base.

In addition, the introduction of improved audit logging lets UniData users create audit histories to help meet standards such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and the upcoming European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

UniData now makes spot audits easy with more granular audit data and access to chronologically generated data, and the new software includes support for sequential file logs, creating improved performance without system interruptions.

Replication and failover capabilities have been updated as well with the ability to take updates from records and pass it automatically to the backup server. This allows for lower latency and improves the performance of replication to make it more instant.

Rocket is working on several updates for the future including introducing a new recoverable file system, performance improvements, and more explained Vinnie Smith, managing director of the MV lab at Rocket Software.

“Everything we do with our products is really driven by our customers,” said Smith. “We’re taking a hard look at our query capabilities and trying to improve them because that makes somebody’s existing system run faster and it makes it compelling for them to upgrade to the latest and greatest release.”

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