Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience v1.8 Now Available

Rocket Software is enhancing the Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX: Performance) platform, making it even easier to monitor replication, strengthening your HA/DR capabilities.

According to Mary Schulz, senior product manager at Rocket Software, “This is the second MVX: Performance release focused on improving replication monitoring as part of a MultiValue High Availability/Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) strategy.”

The Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience v1.8 release brings exciting enhancements. Schulz describes features like the user-friendly replication dashboard for real-time monitoring that empowers users to assess the health of replication activities offering essential insights, including statistical summaries of multiple distributions and the identification of stalled LSNs, which have been a common concern for customers. The dashboard also provides trend data like pacing time behind and time needed to catch up without having to do mental math.

The Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX: Performance), a free tool for Rocket UniVerse, is a system performance monitoring tool that helps you identify and escalate performance-impacting events specific to Rocket UniVerse. Escalated events also include guidance on possible resolutions along with data snapshots, allowing you to easily track and address the source of an issue.

From a high availability perspective, replication allows customers to perform off-line reporting analysis on a subscriber system without impeding high-volume transactional operations on the publishing system. Replication also allows organizations to perform production maintenance and upgrades without downtime by allowing IT to redirect its production environment (i.e., publisher) to a subscriber.

In terms of disaster recovery, replication is crucial. Statistics show that many businesses don't recover after major disasters, which can include not only weather events but also power failures, hardware issues, and cyberattacks.

“While MVX: Performance monitors over 40 events, I’m excited that our latest release gives our customers the ability to create their own customer events,” said Schulz. “So, in case you're looking for an event MVX: Performance doesn’t include this version of MVX: Performance is your solution. This feature even earned recognition at RocketBuild 2022 in Denver.”

The Rocket MV team releases new versions of MVX: Performance every quarter. To keep up to date, visit the Forum.