Rocket Offers MultiValue Customers a HealthCheck for Their Systems

A HealthCheck from Rocket MultiValue (MV) Professional Services can provide critical information clients need to get the most from their Rocket MV (Rocket UniVerse, Rocket UniData, Rocket D3) products.

Expert consultants know how to isolate and remediate issues to get optimal system performance and help put an effective plan in place for optimization or growth.

According to Kirk Kaynor, senior director, customer solutions engineering at Rocket Software, the process has four steps, starting with a kickoff call to find out about customer needs and their concerns.

The consultant team then goes out to gather data from the customer’s system to determine the problems that need to be solved. Then they compile that data, build a report, and finally meet with the customer to guide them through the process.

“It’s something I don’t think I ever heard anyone regret,” Kaynor said.

A HealthCheck can be performed on site or remotely. There are three packages to choose from that include:

  • Comprehensive HealthCheck: The most popular engagement, and the one that is recommend to most customers, includes an Expectations and Logistics Call to clarify unique requirements, followed by three days of expert analysis of the server. Consultants devote two additional days to preparing a detailed Findings and Recommendations Report that is reviewed with the team. To maximize the effectiveness of the HealthCheck, the report provides a roadmap for optimizing the data server.
  • Extensive HealthCheck: This extends the HealthCheck to provide support with more complex performance and modernization goals, based on the customers’ needs.
  • Express HealthCheck: An Express HealthCheck includes an Expectations and Logistics Call, information gathering and analysis, and a summary of recommendations in an email. It does not include a full Findings and Recommendations Report or team review.

Companies can consistently receive a HealthCheck every year, with continued maintenance, or get one for a recurring problem that only crops up every so often, Kaynor said.

“It’s often the first step,” Kaynor said. “We make sure their system is healthy and also tell them if there are any problems and how that system is being used.”

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