Rocket Prepares for MV TechDay in Denver

Rocket Software is gearing up to host another MV TechDay, with the event taking place this time in its home turf, Denver, Colo., on June 23.

This 1-day event provides an opportunity for developers, architects, and IT staff to discuss how to extend their applications by leveraging the latest development environments.

Presentations will include live demos of the Rocket products and technologies. Sessions will explore a variety of issues such as RESTful Web Services, Rocket Mobile for MV, External Data Access, and Rocket Discover for MultiValue.

The event is important for attendees because while users can rely on their MV databases, new and emerging technologies are forcing changes within the industry, and  users need to become aware of and keep up with these changes, explained Kathy Larson, marketing manager for DBMS and Application Server Solutions at Rocket.

“Customers recognize the tremendous value they have in their existing Rocket MultiValue applications,” Larson said. “They love the reliability, low cost of ownership, and security of their MultiValue environments. At the same time, in order to take advantage of emerging business requirements and opportunities, they need to make the capabilities and data from those applications available via new technologies.”

Companies need to provide web and mobile access to their applications—for both their customers and for their employees, Larson continued.

“Enterprises need to expose application functions via web services so they can participate in the expanding opportunities of the Internet of Things (IoT) and interconnected applications,” Larson said. “And, they need to provide sophisticated real-time business information and analytics via graphs, charts, and dashboards.”

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