Rocket Presents the MultiValue Roadmap Livestream Series

Rocket Software is offering a series of livestreams featuring its product roadmap for the future. The Rocket MultiValue product roadmap outlines the vision, direction, priorities, and progress of a product over time. It represents the plan of both short and long-term goals for Rocket's products.

The Rocket MultiValue product management team is constantly working to determine the most strategic things to build, and in which order, by creating a product roadmap that delivers the highest measurable value to its customers.

They host quarterly livestream events of the MultiValue product roadmaps for Rocket UniVerse, Rocket UniData, Rocket D3, MultiValue tools, Cloud, and the products acquired from Zumasys.

Participants will hear the Rocket product managers present on both near-future and distant-future plans for MV, as well as the many possibilities they’re still considering. But the only way to learn about all that’s to come is by being there.

Please note that these roadmap livestreams will not be recorded or available after airing, so you must tune in live if you want the inside scoop on all things MultiValue.

The 2022 series of the Rocket MultiValue Roadmap Livestreams include:

  • The first 2022 Rocket MultiValue Roadmap Livestream airs on Tuesday, July 26,

 (Wednesday, July 27 for attendees in APAC).

  • The Q4 2022 Rocket MultiValue Roadmap Livestream will air, Tuesday Oct. 18,

(Wednesday, Oct. 19 for attendees in APAC).

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