Rocket Software Acquires ConnectiQ and WebConnect, Delivering RPA to the Mainframe

Rocket Software, a global software leader in IBM Z and IBM i modernization, has announced the acquisition of ConnectiQ mainframe Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and WebConnect mainframe terminal emulation from U.K.-based ActiveOps.

According to Rocket, IBM Z customers, like many who manage legacy systems, have faced ongoing pressure to re-platform, even as enhancement and integration consistently proves to be the faster, less painful and more cost-effective approach.

With 30 years of experience optimizing, enhancing, integrating and strengthening legacy platforms, Rocket is committed to delivering a broad set of options for IBM Z and IBM i because no single approach fits every circumstance. To that end, the company says, this acquisition of ConnectiQ brings mainframe RPA to the portfolio, and with it, the delegation of repetitive, lengthy tasks to efficient mainframe bots.

“At Rocket, we work with customers to identify the best path to achieve their concrete outcomes, such as improving employee experience, increasing customer satisfaction and driving tangible returns,” said Christopher Wey, president of the Rocket business unit that develops IBM i solutions and cross-platform utilities. “We’re excited to bring the transformative force of RPA with ConnectiQ to IBM Z customers.”

Rocket is also acquiring WebConnect, an enterprise-class terminal emulation solution that will continue the company’s 15-year investment in the critical domain of host access for mainframe systems. The company’s ongoing innovation in the configurability and flexibility of terminal emulators ensures that users can access their IBM Z, IBM i, and other VT-based systems in any way they require.

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