Rocket Software Acquires Zumasys’ MultiValue Platforms to Drive Modernization of MV Applications

Rocket Software, a global technology leader, is acquiring the MV databases and tools of Zumasys, Inc., a provider of MultiValue database software also known as PICK, enabling Zumasys to become an MV Modernization Partner to expand Zumasys’ practice of acquiring MultiValue independent software vendors (ISVs) to modernize and market their applications.

“We’re going to do what we do best, develop, market and support database products at scale,” said Gary Gregory, president of the Rocket DB&C business unit. “This will help us build out new modules and offer certifications.”

Rocket will acquire and take on the future innovation of AccuTerm, jBASE, MVConnect, MV Dashboard, and OpenQM.

“We are now pushing more into education and moving the market forward,” said Paul Giobbi, president of Zumasys. “This is easy to do as partners. We know the products are in good hands.”

The acquisition allows Rocket to innovate at scale, not only to protect the investment enterprises have made in MultiValue products but also to future-proof the entire MultiValue ecosystem.

“In the long term, this agreement helps the entire MV marketplace,” Gregory said.

Rocket Software will now leverage its large and multinational R&D team to develop and distribute the products as part of Rocket’s Database and Connectivity business unit.

The products will be supported by developers, quality assurance engineers, and user experience designers from around the globe, including more than a dozen Zumasys employees who support and maintain these products who will now transition to Rocket.

As Rocket continues to accelerate innovation of MultiValue products and supply the technology, Zumasys will continue to invest in modernizing MultiValue applications, providing both clarity and modernization options for ISVs to increase their market potential and revenue.

“Having Zumasys document modernization use cases and what it means to the business, this information is what will allow the ISV community to grow,” Gregory said.

Zumasys and Rocket will collaborate on other enablement activities, such as developing pre-packaged services.

With the ongoing drain of seasoned developers and the requirement to onboard developers that are new to MultiValue technology, developer education is the #1 priority for both Rocket Software and Zumasys and it continues to be top of mind for the MultiValue community.

Rocket is committed to addressing this need by collaborating with Zumasys and developing exciting new eLearning methodologies that will provide on-demand, self-paced courses designed to give new developers a jump start in mastering MultiValue, while providing experienced professionals with the opportunity to become certified and to adopt the latest enhancements and best practices.

“MultiValue applications clearly demonstrate their staying power, they just need to be refactored with modern Web and Mobile interfaces,” said Giobbi. “This agreement allows us to focus all of our energy on this important task and to share the best practices with our peers. By working together as partners we’ll advance the apps and keep them relevant for decades to follow.”

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