Rocket Software Adds New AI Features to its Documentation Portal

Rocket Software is enhancing the Rocket Product Documentation Portal, giving customers the ability to quickly find and understand the answers to their questions.

Rocket Software, as it continues to improve the customer experience when accessing critical information, recently implemented three AI-based features to the Rocket Documentation Portal, giving users the following capabilities:

  • Ask a question and get a GPT-based answer: Start by selecting a Rocket product. Then enter your question, being sure to put a question mark (?) at the end of it. The portal provides a synthesized answer, including a link to the HTML topic that is the source of the answer.
  • Summarize content: Click the Summarize button at the top of an HTML topic to obtain a concise summary of the contents, especially useful when a topic is very long.
  • Explain this code: Click the button that is displayed above a block of code to obtain an explanation of the code, available for command-line interfaces, scripts, and all programming languages.

“AI functionality is not perfect. Not every question will result in an answer. However, using analytics data from the portal, the documentation team can review the product-specific questions that do not return an answer. Then writers can focus on adding specific content that immediately improves the quality of the documentation,” said Kevin Kuhns, Rocket Software senior manager, information development.

To learn more, please read New AI features in the Rocket Documentation Portal, where you’ll also find a link to a short video explaining the process.