Rocket Software Announces Data Virtualization Solution

Rocket Software has announced Rocket Data Virtualization version 2.1, a mainframe data virtualization solution for universal access to data, regardless of location, interface or format.

The solution eliminates data movement, providing the ability to share data across an enterprise by enabling data from multiple, disconnected sources - including mainframe, distributed, big data, mobile - to be virtually integrated into a single, logical, data source and shared with any application.

Rocket Data Virtualization  runs up to 99% of its data virtualization processing in the mainframe System z Integrated Information Processor for reduced mainframe total cost of ownership. In addition, Rocket DV Studio provides an Eclipsed-based integrated development environment for data discovery, creation of virtual tables/views, metadata management, and interface testing.

The spectrum of data supported includes big data stored in IBM BigInsights, Hadoop, MongoDB; distributed data from IBM DB2 LUW, Derby, Informix , Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, SAP Sybase; and mainframe data, including VSAM, DB2 for z/OS, IMS DB, Adabas, Physical Sequential, as well as data from additional sources.

Rocket DV also includes several query optimization features, such as parallel I/O and MapReduce. 

For complete details, visit the Rocket DV Portal Page.