Rocket Software Beefs Up Security in the Latest D3 Release

Rocket Software is releasing Rocket D3 10.3.2 with a plethora of security, performance, and integration enhancements.

Version 10.3.2 has encryption enhancements plus SSL connectivity so users can securely share. For encryption, 10.3.2 provides tools to secure both data at rest and data in transit.  

Other security updates include:

  • STARTTLS support
  • Hot Backup, OSFI and MVSP API connections are now encrypted where they used to be open
  • Encrypt/decrypt functions in BASIC
  • SSL connection functions in BASIC for socket applications
  • SSH for D3/ Windows and host authentication for all D3 platforms making it more likely to pass security audits with these security features in place: Uses A/D, LDAP, PAM, etc.; Better password management around strength and expiration; After a specified number of failed logon attempts, the user is locked out

Version 10.3.2 contains enhancements across the dataserver engine including query, run-time, and SQL for a better end-user experience. Additionally integrations with Red Hat Linux, MV integration sever and Windows server 2019.

An MV workstation with access to D3 was also added to allow remote workers to print from their home or field office.

“With this shift to working from home environment, this update is really cool,” said Brian Cram, technical support engineer, Rocket Software. “User defined functions is also a big update.”

Encryption at the field level, rather than at the file level, offers a performance benefit, especially for large files. The architecture allows D3 to utilize more than 4GB of memory, taking advantage of greater addressing space and improved file caching in memory.

The update allows users to easily extend D3 application functionality, as well as attract and retain new development talent with Python native language support.

D3 10.3.1 allows BASIC developers to leverage the Python Open Source library of hundreds of thousands of solutions for quickly adding new features to improve your application.

The ability to call into D3 from Python in version 10.3.2 completes the bidirectional support of Rocket D3 Python for better integration, allowing Python developers to access data and existing business rules that are stored in the D3 database environment.

“We have a very loyal customer base and they’ve been really appreciative of our MVU sessions,” said Chris Rizza, product manager at Rocket Software.

Customers that have been gravitating toward these virtual workshops were clamoring for the Python integration to attract new developers, according to Cram.

“It’s a great way to prevent the talent gap,” said Richard Berman, CEO, VerbFactory.

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