Rocket Software Boosts Rooms to Go Inventory and Business

Rocket Software recently helped Rooms to Go (RTG) with managing inventory as well as improving and enhancing customer interaction in order to accelerate sales growth.

Founded in 1990, RTG is an innovator of personalized furniture shopping. Rooms to Go pioneered the concept of displaying and packaging furniture in complete room settings, allowing customers to easily visualize how to transform their homes with the perfect furnishings. RTG designers create pre-packaged rooms with coordinated colors, fabrics, and accessories in order to provide a simplified and convenient shopping experience for their customers.

The company deployed Rocket UniVerse early in its history to help manage inventory as well as improve and enhance customer interaction.

Partnering with Rocket has helped RTG grow from three showrooms in Florida in 1991 to more than 200 locations and 7 advanced distribution centers across the United States.

In the early 2000s RTG found that the green-screen applications supporting its sales staff weren’t delivering information fast enough to increase sales growth. The sales team wanted to deliver an even more intimate, personalized shopping experience.

RTG, with the support of Rocket Software, debuted a new tablet-based retail application in 2012 that sales associates now use everywhere in the showroom.

The RTG Merchandising team uses its product data management system to load configurations and manage inventory while UniVerse pulls the data and serves up targeted descriptions of each asset.

The combination of the UniVerse back-end with the new Windows interface has increased RTG’s ability to deliver more personalized customer experiences. Not only are sales associates freed from the kiosk, they’re now able to answer a range of questions by simply entering a customer’s zip code, as well as provide views and availability of different variations of sofa designs using their “iSofa” application.

They’re also able to call up all inventory and offer items that are not physically in the showroom. The application showcases furniture designs and combinations of complementary accessories, such as rugs and pillows, that ultimately lead to increased sales and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

RTG has accelerated sales growth by 30% as a result of helping customers visualize a complete range of products and complementary accessories. The company continues to grow as a dominant furniture retailer in the Southeastern U.S and Puerto Rico with annual revenues exceeding $2 billion.

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