Rocket Software Builds on Upcoming Releases for the Next Generation of MV Developers

Rocket Software’s MV data servers and supporting tools are seeing a boost in releases as the company moves toward a more agile framework to deliver highly anticipated enhancements. 

“One of the main goals in Rocket MV is to bring our products to the next generation of developers through modern and innovative functionality,” said Chris Rizza, product manager, Rocket Software.

Rocket is working on the next release of UniVerse 12.2.1, coming in the fall.  While there are numerous enhancements and fixes in v12.2.1, two new features really stand out, according to Rizza. 

The first is BASIC code profiling.  With applications that have millions of lines of BASIC code, it is challenging for developers to add features while maintaining performance. UV BASIC Profiling provides application performance analysis and insight to help developers quickly determine bottlenecks and performance improvement areas.  

The second is a new mode allowing UniVerse to run with the system buffer off.  In the initial release of UniVerse 12, some applications that did file manipulation at the OS level could become out of sync.  In version 12.2.1 Rocket is adding an additional mode to allow administrators to choose if they want to run the UniVerse I/O through the system buffer.

In August, Rocket released UniData 8.2.4 in conjunction with MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code 1.7.0 to make debugging easier for BASIC developers. 

The UniData 8.2.4 release contains audit logging, security, Python support, external database access (EDA), and is certified on Windows 11 and Server 2022 in addition to MV BASIC for VS code. 

Rocket MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code empowers BASIC developers to edit, compile, and now debug BASIC applications in one of the most popular development environments, Microsoft Visual Studio Code. 

The MV BASIC for VS Code release is a preview of the debugging functionality now supported on UniData as well as UniVerse. 

“We will continue to fully enable debugging as we receive input from the community.  Rocket MV anticipates the full release of debugging with VS Code at the end of 2022 as we continue the quarterly release cadence,” Rizza said. “All these MV data server releases provide modernization and innovation to attract the next generation of MV developers,”

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