Rocket Software Continues to Introduce Customer-Driven Innovations

Rocket Software continues to make strides with its MultiValue suite of products, driven by customer demand and satisfaction.

With the goal of attracting and retaining new developer talent, modernization, and improving productivity, Rocket is issuing some maintenance releases for Rocket UniData, Rocket UniVerse, Rocket D3, and introducing Rocket MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code.

“Our number one priority is customer satisfaction,” said Chris Rizza, MultiValue product manager at Rocket Software. “UniData 8.2.3 includes support for Python 3.9 to attract younger developers and new developers that don’t know BASIC.”

Additionally, UniVerse 11.3.3 also includes support for Python 3.9 and Rocket D3 version 10.3.3 includes a new service to support additional client connectivity, including UOPY—important for attracting and retaining young developers, according to Rizza.

Available for free in the VS Code Marketplace, MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code is a powerful extension for Visual Studio Code, the fastest-growing development tool, and a favorite of recent college grads, most of whom never learned BASIC.

This is important because by using this extension, the development team is empowered to modernize their internal R&D teams’ development tools and languages and acquire the right tools to attract and retain the next generation of developers while making code editing easier and more productive.

Moving forward, the company is actively researching the MV customer response to integration with other solutions such as Kafka, containerization, MV in the cloud, and more, Rizza said.

Customers continue to reach out via beta participation and Rocket Forum interaction, Rizza explained. As the pandemic winds down, customers are now more comfortable working remotely as well and participating in Customer Advisory Boards to voice their suggestions and concerns regarding the MV platforms.

“Our customers are very much involved in influencing the development of our products,” Rizza said. “The Customer Advisory Boards do influence the roadmaps for new features and functionalities.”

Rocket is also now in its Chapter 4 strategy, according to Rizza, which means the company is making strategic acquisitions to grow its product portfolio.

In early February Rocket completed its transition with Netherlands-based Uniface, a pioneer in accelerating innovation through its  low code development platform. Uniface is .

And most recently, Rocket acquired ASG Technologies in the content and systems management space. ASG is a leading provider of solutions for the information-powered enterprise.

This acquisition furthers Rocket’s commitment to its customers and partners to continue to grow its portfolio of enterprise software solutions that increase the value of legacy platforms across the technology domains of core infrastructure, security, data and AI, application development, open source, and hybrid cloud, according to Kathy Larson, product marketing leader for Rocket MultiValue.

“Rocket is really in it for the long haul; these acquisitions enforce that point,” said Julie Quattro, director, corporate communications, Rocket Software. “The company will continue to make smart transactional moves that are going to support and enhance our customer needs.”

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