Rocket Software Creates Dedicated Team for MultiValue as Company Grows

Rocket Software is in the midst of a growing period and to better meet the needs of its customers the company is reorganizing to better scale the business.

The databases and connectivity team includes the MultiValue businesses and other NoSQL databases, said Gary Gregory, general manager, database business unit.

What we’ve found is that customers that use these products have key applications, they’re mission critical, and they spend a lot of time wondering if this legacy technology is a good or bad thing,” Gregory said. “We believe it’s a good thing and we are committed to keeping that technology relevant, vibrant, and alive.”

The company is working with customers on sustainability and modernizing systems in the MV space, explained Gregory.

Rocket is seeing an interest in RESTful services and cloud-type dev ops scaling, management, and more, according to Gregory. The company is also focusing on the next generation of programmers who are coming to work in an MV environment.

“There’s an umbrella effort of MV next-gen which focuses around the human element,” Gregory said.

Modernization isn’t just about Rocket’s technology, Gregory said, it’s also about bringing the organization and people within the space up to speed.

“We’re always looking for feedback and input,” said Gregory. “We recognize that we need to look at how our information is packaged for the next generation of people and improve it to match their needs.”

A new focus area called, “Legacy Powers Legendary” will spotlight how customers are utilizing their systems and feature the different ways Rocket is modernizing its technology.

“We’re going to be building new products and we’re going to be acquiring new companies so we can leverage all that modernization effort across more and more customers,” Gregory said.