Rocket Software Creates MV Developer’s Edition for AWS

Rocket Software is introducing an MV Developer’s Edition for AWS, targeting new and existing users to incorporate and learn MultiValue.

“It allows them to bridge the resource gap that is currently being seen across all industries,” said Zain Master, senior product manager in MV, Rocket Software. “This product that we just released allows us to create that bridge between how the old applications work and how to get them into a newer framework, newer architecture.”

The solution is cloud friendly and is easy to absorb, Master said. The product allows users to clearly understand how to start using examples and samples included with the product, in addition to setting it up to develop mobile or web applications on top of existing server architecture.

As the platform expands, Rocket will include new versions of servers and tools as they are released along with new examples and samples.

“We want to grow Rocket across the world,” said Master. “We are now incorporating and modernizing our applications for, not only the new frameworks coming out, but the new developers graduating college.”

As the company becomes more agile, Rocket hopes to hear from more customers about what they want and need.

“We started hearing from customers that there was this need of having something like this available so not only the seasoned users could start using and playing with it but also novice users who are just starting off in their careers. This is why we came up with this product offering,” Master said.

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