Rocket Software Creates New Brand Design to Emphasize Modernization Across its Portfolio

Rocket Software recently redesigned its logo and website to spotlight the company’s dedication to its new modernization strategy.

“We’ve gone from talking about infrastructure to data and app modernization as we think about being relevant to where customers are,” said Barbara Goose, chief marketing officer, Rocket Software. “We have a branding that’s modern, bold, innovative, and we wanted to find a logo and articulation that would represent that.”

The new Rocket Software logo points to the way forward, Goose explained. It represents bringing different functions internally, all into one.

“We’ve had a strong reception internally,” Goose said. “We held brand workshops to reach our employees. We did testing and went to market globally to test different versions and we received positive feedback from customers who have been responsive as we launched our new website. Several people complimented the website.”

The goal is to make the public aware of the new branding and the company will evolve messaging as it continues to look at where the market is going, Goose said.

“It represents us really well and we’re very proud of it,” said Goose.

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