Rocket Software Debuts Rocket Forum Pages for Users of jBASE, OpenQM, and AccuTerm

Rocket Software is urging users to join others using jBASE, OpenQM, or AccuTerm on new Rocket Forum pages.

New to the Rocket MV Forum are the jBASE Forum, the OpenQM Forum, and AccuTerm included in the MV Tools Forum.

Users will find a community of support on the Rocket MV Forums—a place where members can participate in discussions and share resources with other members.

Users can ask a question, jump into a conversation, or start their own thread on the Rocket MV Forums

Products have designated Forum pages, to help members stay informed and unlock the full value of the products.

Users can collaborate with peers and MV engineers, learn about best practices, ask general questions, and share tips and tricks. The Rocket MV forums can help answer “what if,” “how do I” or “is anyone else doing” questions. 

Joining the Rocket Forum is free, go here to join.