Rocket Software Demonstrates How MultiValue Supports Daily Activities  

Rocket Software is on a mission to demonstrate that MultiValue products power the applications that support us all.

A new Rocket Software infographic tells the story of a family’s weekend “to do” list and how they interact with MV-based applications as they check off items on their list.

“Like the rest of us, this family probably doesn’t realize that they are relying on Rocket Software-powered apps to help them get stuff done,” said Kathy Larson, Sr. manager, product marketing for Rocket Software.

“The idea of this family interacting with MultiValue-powered apps was inspired by one of my own weekends,” continued Larson. “I hope you enjoy reading this short story of this typical family of four.”

Their upcoming weekend may appear ordinary, but what makes it remarkable is how the dynamic efficiency of Rocket Software's MultiValue (MV) products seamlessly supports their diverse set of tasks, according to Larson.

From ticketing to retail, automotive, pharmaceutical, and travel needs, this family's weekend highlights how applications built on Rocket Software's MV solutions power essential functions in different industries.

The impact of Rocket MultiValue Software reaches well beyond weekend pastimes. MultiValue-based applications play a fundamental role in the systems underpinning numerous brands we engage with daily, overseeing essential infrastructure, operational processes, and data management.

Across the globe, MultiValue applications empower businesses to expedite their digital transformation, streamline their integration of cloud and mobile computing, provide the experiences their customers demand, and other cutting-edge technologies. Witness how Rocket's solutions occupy a central role in every facet of your daily life, said Larson.

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