Rocket Software Enhances UniVerse with Accelerated Processing

Rocket Software is introducing enhanced capabilities for Rocket UniVerse, part of the Rocket MultiValue Application Platform.

The updated solution will help financial institutions and other industries better manage today’s large and ever-increasing transaction volumes.

High performance is crucial today in every industry. UniVerse delivers an improved user experience for customers while also enhancing employee productivity, both of which contribute to optimized revenue.

“Chris Rizza [product manager at Rocket Software] led a really successful beta as part of the whole development cycle so we were able to capture great information from some of our key partners about how UniVerse 12 was helping them in their efforts to enable customers to be more efficient, address performance issues so that the customer experience was optimized, as well as look at UniVerse 12 at a data integrity level,” said Julianna Cammarano, director of product marketing at Rocket Software.

Building on last year’s introduction of modern language interfaces, this new release gives users the ability to program in Python to AIX, and also extends Python library support to 3.7 libraries. “We really concentrated on making those modern languages available to customers,” said Rizza.

Additionally, for high availability and disaster recovery, Rocket added a new feature called the recoverable file system (RFS), which complements organizations' HA/DR strategies, Rizza explained. When an unexpected outage takes place, the file system can quickly restore to the last complete transaction. RFS keeps track of files not yet committed to the disk in the event of a system crash or power failure and brings these systems back online quickly while reducing the risk of file corruption, completing the HA/DR strategy.

“We’re seeing performance gains of 10% - 60% throughout the product,” Rizza said, noting that Rocket re-architected how data is processed. A larger, configurable shared memory buffer allows for faster retrieval of frequently used files which reduces latency, "making that data highly available,” Rizza said.

The new release delivers increased throughput capability, which enables critical applications to handle challenges such as extra loads during peak hours and seasonal spikes, while still supporting everything from online orders to mobile banking transactions.

The result of the enhancements, Rocket says, is improved customer satisfaction, as well as greater efficiency for employees using internal business applications.

“This product is a great leap forward for MultiValue and we just couldn’t be happier about it,” said Richard Berman, CEO, VerbFactory.

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