Rocket Software Enhances the MVX: Performance Platform

Rocket Software is launching the latest version of the MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX: Performance) platform, delivering increasing value to customers and addressing issues and bugs in the code faster.

The latest MVX: Performance 1.2.0 release continues to add metrics customers are interested in monitoring. In release 1.2 Rocket has added a new monitoring tile that informs users specifically about what’s consuming memory and CPU resources on the host system, and the number of queued processes.

Available at a glance, this information helps users immediately see when their systems are facing performance issues, said Zain Master, Principal product manager (MV cloud and tools).

The information provided on the MVX: Performance dashboard is also paired with relevant technical details and data snapshots, giving the user more insight into the memory consumption by the UniVerse server plus additional CPU and memory data.

The update also provides a quick view of the top 10 CPU and Memory consuming active processes to further help the user narrow down the specific processes that may be contributing to decreased performance.

In addition to the monitoring tiles on the dashboard, the update expands the number of events that capture any CPU or Memory issues that the Event Engine has labelled as a performance impacting event.

Rocket UniVerse DBAs can be alerted to these events via email and download the pertinent data to identify and analyze trends.

The addition of this new tile compliments the original tiles that monitor Locks, MV User Sessions, and escalation of performance impacting events.

“Our goal with the MultiValue Performance Experience is to make our users’ lives easier and help them optimize the performance of their UniVerse servers,” said Master. “We fully understand that database administrators are busy, which is why we are working on surfacing contextually relevant data. As the developers of Rocket UniVerse and the MultiValue Performance Experience, we are uniquely positioned to thoroughly optimize our customers’ UniVerse servers’ performance.”

Customers have already had success with the platform, finding problematic files and optimizing their MV systems, according to Master.

Future capabilities Rocket will add include additional event, new tiles for monitoring file health, replication setup, and more.

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