Rocket Software Helps Pulsiam Boost its Public Safety Platform

Pulsiam is a public safety software company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Pulsiam has installed the SafetyNet suite of public safety software at more than 90 locations worldwide, serving nearly one hundred million people.

Each SafetyNet Suite product enables agencies to more effectively manage their information and resources to improve the quality of life in the communities they serve.

With the assistance of Rocket Software, Pulsiam has been able to expand its operations and update existing infrastructure for years, according to Henry Unger, CEO of Pulsiam.

“It’s all built on top of UniVerse,” Unger said. “The product we use for desktop applications are all browser based so people have a familiar user face.”

By using UniVerse, the company never has to worry about how big the data is coming into the database, Unger explained. It makes Pulsiam’s software flexible and allows changes to tables and databases without affecting users or applications.

“The systems have to be up, they can’t be taken down for routine maintenance, it has to work all the time,” Unger said. “On average the call volume for 9-1-1 calls in the US is one person per call, per year. When you call you’re going to expect them to answer the phone.”

Rocket Software is instrumental when keeping the lines running without any downtime, he said.

“UniVerse really provides a lot of tools that help us offer an extraordinary solution for our customers,” said Unger.

Rocket Software recently helped streamline different time zones among Pulsiam’s systems so responders in a variety of countries can get those time conversions quickly. The company was also able to meet date and time formats with the help of Rocket.

“There wasn’t any support for anything like that in UniVerse and it was very important for us to accommodate international standards,” Unger said. “We added a full set of functions and conversions to UniVerse to achieve those goals.”

In addition to that project Rocket helped Pulsiam calculate the distance between two points for first responders when they answer a call in the field, according to Unger.