Rocket Software Integrates New Languages into Platform

With Rocket Software’s latest MultiValue (MV) product releases the company is integrating more languages such as Python to manage MV data and provide enhanced functionality to existing applications.

“Python allows existing partners and end-users to extend their talent pool by adding Python developers, without a MultiValue background, to their development team. Python allows developers to easily leverage the flexibility of the MV data model in a more dynamic programming language,” said John Bramley, Vice President, Application Platforms at Rocket Software. “We decided that Python was a great choice since it has a large development community, is flexible, extensible and open source.”

Python works directly with BASIC and can be used natively to access existing business rules or called directly from BASIC to extend existing business rules that enterprises leverage daily.

The goal of integrating a new language into its MultiValue platforms is to allow a new set of talented skilled developers to participate in developing and enhancing applications for Rocket’s MultiValue customers.

It’s been a very popular decision, according to Bramley.

“We’ve had the MV developer community involved with work on Python for quite a while now and there’s been a lot of positive input on the fact that we’ve enhanced the MV products to support Python and provide a whole new set of extended libraries,” Bramley said

“Moving forward the company will consider integration of other languages depending on our MV customer’s needs”, Bramley said.

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