Rocket Software Introduces CorVu NG v2.2.3 and SB/XA v6.2

Rocket Software has launched CorVu NG v2.2.3, merging U2 DataVu into its CorVu product for strategic performance management and business intelligence, and adding new features. U2 customers will be able to purchase the entire suite of CorVu Performance Management modules - including CorStrategy, CorPlanning, CorRisk, and CorProject. The new release is targeted at addressing the needs of business users without necessitating high level IT support as well as enabling users to analyze a greater variety of data - including unstructured data.

In addition, Rocket has announced SB/XA v6.2 and launched a new website. 

CorVu NG v2.2.3

“Customers that are used to U2 DataVu will just see this as a change in product name. No features are going away and in fact CorVu NG is a new release and so it actually adds some a number of features for U2DataVu customers,” Peter Richardson, vice president and general manager of Rocket’s Business Intelligence and Analytics Business Unit, tells DBTA.

“One of the key things that we have added in what we are now calling the Corvu NG product (NG is for Next Generation) is text analytics. This complements everything that we have done to date with structured data and so CorVu NG formerly called U2 DataVu can pull data from pretty much any relational data source - obviously also UniVerse and UniData and almost any multi-dimensional data source,” notes Richardson. “The result is that we have structured data very much supported in the product and with this latest version we have also integrated text analytics so this allows you to pull in formation from unstructured sources and that could be documents or it could be text fields within databases.”

A second key new feature of the product is the addition of ad hoc reports for business users. “In prior releases, we have added some really good dashboard functionality and the ad hoc reports really complement that with some self-assembly dashboards that business users can access to pull information that is relevant to their job function,” Richardson explains.

At the query level, users can define any number of charts that present data that is returned from a query. With the ad hoc reports users can pull a data set and drag it down to their canvas  and select from any number of the built-in charts, and the ad hoc dashboarding also supports the new text analytics.

The third major feature in the CorVu NG v2.2.3 is the addition of enhanced quick reports which is a wizard driven reporting facility. CorVu currently includes a report designer called Visual Reports,  providing a graphical report design environment with functionality tailored to more sophisticated users. With this new release, the company has added wizard driven reporting which is designed for business users so they can follow a process to define what they are interested in and how they would like it aggregated, and get a detailed report without the need to use the graphical report design environment.

In addition, while DataVu previously had a license restriction, requiring at least one U2 Data Server license, that is no longer the case with the Corvu NG product. Learn more about CorVu NG v2.2.3

SB/XA v6.2

Rocket has also launched SB/XA v6.2, whichdebuts the SB/XA Designer, says Susie Siegesmund, vice president and general manager, U2 Brand at Rocket Software.SB/XA 6.2 also comes with additional default styles, as well as flexible and configurable navigation. And, for the first time, Rocket’s SB/XA is integrated with Rocket CorVu Business Intelligence tools for reports and dashboards.

The System Builder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA) allows users to rapidly build robust business solutions. With SB/XA, they can focus on modeling business logic using high-level Tool and Process Definitions. Once they define their business rules, defaults, and data validations, they can re-use them to bring consistency across an application.

A replay of a webcast on new features in SB/XA v6.2 is available on demand from Rocket here.

New Rocket U2 Website

Rocket U2 has also launched at new website at

”The new website has a much more modern look and feel and is just more inviting,” says Siegesmund. 

The new website has U2’s first professional services page highlighting its professional services we offer and a resource section with product data sheets, white papers, case studies, and access to on-demand webinars.

In addition, notes Heather Smiles, marketing manager, U2 Brand at Rocket Software, “We have greatly expanded our partner section and our solution section in general.”

The new partner section lists solutions by industry (verticals), by business need (horizontals), and Rocket technology solutions, making it easier to use.