Rocket Software Introduces New Product Manager for Rocket MultiValue Solutions

Rocket Software announced the promotion of Emma Breslin, who will take the reins of Product Manager in Rocket's Application Modernization business unit. Breslin will be overseeing Rocket MultiValue data servers and tools, including Rocket UniVerse and UniData.

"Joining Rocket's Application Modernization business unit as the Product Manager for Rocket MultiValue data servers and tools has been an exhilarating transition for me," said Breslin. "I've been part of the tech support team since 2004 and have seen Rocket UniVerse and UniData evolve from their IBM days to now. It's incredibly fulfilling to move from a reactive support role to a proactive stance in product management."

Breslin’s journey has been one of dedication and continuous learning, according to the company. While excelling in her tech support role, she pursued a degree in computing and IT, ensuring she was well-equipped for the challenges of product management. Now, as the Product Manager, she brings a deep understanding of our products and a passion for improving the customer experience.

In her new role, she has already overseen her first major release, UniData 8.3.2, which is the first UniData release certified with the Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX: Performance) 1.10.

This new product, available for customers on maintenance, monitors the performance of the UniData server. It allows DBAs and developers to track down issues more efficiently by pinpointing their root causes, whether it's the server, operating system, hardware, or a combination of factors. MVX: Performance also provides alerts for over 40 performance monitoring events, reducing the need for constant oversight.

UniData 8.3.2 and MVX: Performance 1.10 also enhance replication, bolstering High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) capabilities. This makes it easier to ensure data is always safe and business operations are smooth and reliable.

Beyond UniData, Breslin is also overseeing the ongoing beta for UniVerse 14.1.

"Engaging with our customers, understanding their needs, and contributing to their success are at the heart of my new role," she explained.

To learn more, please read Elevate your HA/DR experience with UniData 8.3.2 and Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX: Performance) 1.10 on the MultiValue blog site.