Rocket Software Introduces Rocket CorVu NG 3.0 with U2 Native Query

Rocket Software is offering Rocket CorVu NG 3.0, a BI and analytics solution for Rocket UniVerse and Rocket UniData. CorVu NG’s data-driven visual design interface supports user interaction against an array of MultiValue, relational and flat data stores with the result that developers experience a flexible environment that is intuitive and interactive with full write back capability, while end users and customers have an intuitive user experience that seamlessly supports their business requirements.

Highlights of the release include the CorVu U2 Native Interface that allows the rapid assembly of queries through an intuitive U2-centric UI. The native access to U2 dictionary items enables developers to browse and select from existing field definitions, leverage existing processes and expressions defined in field definitions, and consume existing System Builder or Smart Queries inside CorVu.

In addition, the CorVu U2 Native Query Editor presents a redesigned, intuitive user experience, enabling users to assemble queries against UniVerse and UniData sources by using U2 native syntax. And, with the CorVu Express Component, dashboards can be transformed into stand-alone visual applications.

Additional details are available at the Rocket CorVu NG for U2 Portal.